The Cherry Tree Cafe  is one of my favourite place to catch up with the good food .

Bliss is Perfect weather and Good food, Isn’t it?

So folks if you are in search for a brownie infusion (because who doesn’t ?) then Cherry Tree is definitely for you. Must Try Wherein, in this, chocolate ice cream is softly blended with crumbled brownies, milk and chocolate syrup which takes this shake to another level.
So yeah this is definitely chocolate heaven in your straw!

Also, This Brownie Shake is really a super decadent treat to every chocolate lover i think. They should taste at least once. It’s already loaded with brownie chunks and decorated with chocolate syrup.

Hope you try this out soon at Cherry Tree Cafe

If you haven’t visited it yet, so please go and give it a try. I am sure they won’t disappoint you anyway


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